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We are not responsible for loss of data or programs.
Please ensure you backup your data before bringing the item in for repair.
Our charges include VAT.


Work charged per hour

Price per hour

Initial booking fee

To try and ascertain what is wrong. Subtracted from the cost of repair if work carried out.


Express service

When a desktop is booked in for repair it goes into a queue to await the services of a technician - usually within 48 hours. However, if you are in a hurry we can start work on your PC immediately provided you agree to pay an extra charge over and above what we would normally charge.



PC crashes soon after start up. This could be because the inside is clogged with dust and fluff, overheats and crashes. We dismantle the machine and clean the inside.


File system error

Blue screen error which can indicate the file system within windows has become corrupted and requires fixing. Usually a relatively simple fix, however, the fault could also indicate a possible problem with the hard drive which caused the files to become corrupted in the first place.
If the hard drive has become damaged with a few bad sectors it is sometimes possible to fix (re-map) these sectors using special software. The fix is only a temporary measure to allow the customer to backup important data. The hard drive may continue to operate for months but it also may fail within hours. Such repairs carry no guarantee beyond the fact that the hard drive should operate long enough to effect data backup.


Reinstall operating system
(Windows, MacOS, Linux)

Software problems may require the operating system to be reinstalled.

(Students: £48)

Hard drive failure

Can usually be diagnosed by the sound of constant ticking (death rattle) as the hard drive "head" crashes against the revolving discs. The problem with this tale is that not only does the drive have to be replaced but so does the operating system.

Requires a diagnosis for a quote.

Power supply unit

PC fails to turn on. Usually caused by blown power supply (PSU) unit. New PSU needed (£33 approximately plus £30 labour).
Warning! In cases when the PSU is blown - whatever caused the PSU to blow (ie power surge) can sometimes destroy other parts of the PC including the motherboard, processor and hard drive. It is not the norm - mostly just blows the PSU but....stuff happens


Big bang!

The most common cause for a loud bag is the wrong voltage. Happens, most commonly when a PC is imported from North America and the user has forgotten to change the voltage (usually there is a small red voltage selector on the back of the PC). In many cases the bang just blows the power supply unit but occasionally it also blows the motherboard and other bits as well. Please note: When booking in a repair it is the customer's responsibility to advise us if a PC is set to run on 110v - when we start work on a PC we assume it is set to run on 240v and will not check the voltage regulator unless we have been pre warned.

Needs a diagnosis for a quote

Blown capacitors

Capacitors are fitted onto a motherboard to smooth the direct current voltage. For various reasons the capacitors sometimes start to leak and fail. We are able to replace blown capacitors.


Broken USBs

Similar story to above with the same conditions. The USB sockets become detached from the motherboard. Very labour intensive repair.


Data backup

Obviously its best that you back up your work before bringing in a PC/Laptop/Mac for repair. If you wish us to backup we will but we will charge.

Usually £40 but could be less if its small.

Data recovery

If your hard drive fails, the data can be retrieved but in some cases this involves specialist equipment and can cost several hundreds of pounds. We do not carry out such work However, in many cases although the drive is inoperable, data can be retrieved relatively easily and we can help .



If your laptop has problems due to a virus or spyware we can sometimes remove the "malware" although it's far more effective and usually simpler and cheaper to wipe the hard drive and reinstall the operating system. We can do this. If you wish us to backup your data there will be an extra charge (see above).


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